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Rakhimov Andrey Valerievich
Stavropol State Agrarian University

The article defines the concept of a linear motor. This electric motor with one magnetic member open system, winding is deployed. Winding generates a magnetic field which interacts with the second element of the magnetic system, configured as a guide member for moving the movable part of the linear motor. A classification of linear motors. The major ones - synchronous, asynchronous, electromagnetic, magneto, magnetostrictive and piezoelectric linear motors. We consider the structure of the linear motor. In the linear motor, there are two parts: the first - a fixed, known as "stator", and secondary - mobile, dubbed the "anchor". Anchor receives energy from the motor stator through the magnetic field. Linear motor is a major part of direct drive. It is designed to convert electrical energy into translational motion. This actuator consists of the controls and change the speed, which greatly simplifies the design of the executive bodies and allows to improve the various processes. Linear motors are divided into asynchronous and synchronous. In asynchronous linear motor reactive band, made in the form of a bar of rectangular cross section without windings, fixed along the overpass, over which electric moves, moves the movable part (inductor) engine. Its magnetic circuit is configured deployed polyphase windings, is powered by an AC power source. Due to the interaction of the magnetic field of the inductor with the field of reactive bands, the forces that cause to move with acceleration relative to the fixed inductor reactive bands. This movement occurs until the moving speed until the inductor of the running magnetic field and reactive bands are equal. The advantage of this design is the placement of an easier to manufacture the reactive strip. The article discusses the relevance of the implementation of linear motors in modern technological processes are disclosed advantages and disadvantages of these electric cars are examples of the use of linear motors.

Keywords: Linear electric motor, the electric machine, the magnetic system, the mechanical transmission, winding the stator

Article reference:
Examples of the use of linear motors // Modern technics and technologies. 2015. № 11 [Electronic journal]. URL: http://technology.snauka.ru/en/2015/11/7898

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