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Гумелёв Василий Юрьевич1, Пархоменко Александр Викторович2, Постников Александр Александрович3
1Рязанское высшее воздушно-десантное командное училище имени генерала армии В.Ф. Маргелова, доцент
2Рязанское высшее воздушно-десантное командное училище имени генерала армии В.Ф. Маргелова, канд. техн. наук
3Рязанское высшее воздушно-десантное командное училище имени генерала армии В.Ф. Маргелова, адъюнкт

В представленной статье подробно рассмотрен состав и устройство приборов внутреннего освещения армейского автомобиля Урал-4320-31 и правила пользования ими. В особых условиях иногда личный состав автомобильных подразделений фактически живет в машинах неделями. Поэтому знания устройства и правил пользования приборами внутреннего освещения с целью поддержания их в исправном состоянии становится еще и насущной необходимостью для относительно комфортного проживания.

Ключевые слова: корпус, лампа накаливания, лампа подкапотная, отражатель, переносная лампа, плафон кабины, розетка


Gumelev Vasiliy Yuryevich1, Parhomenko Alexander Viktorovich2, Postnikov Aleksandеr Aleksandrovich3
1Ryazan high airborne command school name of the General of the army V. Margelov, candidate of technical Sciences
2Ryazan high airborne command school name of the General of the army V. Margelov, associate professor
3Ryazan high airborne command school name of the General of the army V. Margelov, adjunct

The article discussed in detail the composition and device devices of internal illumination of an army vehicle Ural-4320-31, and the rules for them. In special circumstances sometimes personnel of motor units is actually living in cars for weeks. Therefore, knowledge of the device and rules for use of appliances internal lighting to maintain them in good condition becomes urgent the need for a relatively comfortable stay.

Keywords: housing, incandescent, portable lamp, reflector, socket, the ceiling of the cabin, underhood lamp

Библиографическая ссылка на статью:
Гумелёв В.Ю., Пархоменко А.В., Постников А.А. Instruments in the interior lighting of the army multi-purpose vehicle URAL-4320-31 // Современная техника и технологии. 2016. № 4 [Электронный ресурс]. URL: https://technology.snauka.ru/2016/04/9852 (дата обращения: 17.01.2022).

Instruments in the interior lighting of the vehicle are applied when carrying out repair work on the car at night to ensure their illumination or for the illumination in the daytime lighting is insufficient for repaired units and devices. Also devices interior lighting designed to create a comfortable environment during operation of the driver [1].

In special circumstances when performing tasks sometimes happens that personal co-becoming of motor units not only perform their duties with the use of a car, but actually living in cars for weeks, and not rarely – and months. A stay of the personnel in such difficult conditions is greatly facilitated by the correct operation of the instrument internal lighting. Therefore, knowledge of the device and rules for use of appliances internal lighting to maintain them in good-standing is not only important, but becomes a necessity. Consider devices interior lights of the army vehicle Ural-4320-31 [2, 3].

The cab roof light is designed to illuminate the driver’s workplace.
On the car Ural-4320-31 cab roof light ПК201-Д, presented in figure 2.61 and installed in accordance with figure 1 b, on the roof of the cabin inner side, and the switch ВК343.01.08 – on the PA nonlinearity of the instrument panel in the unit. In the shade the lamp A24-21-3.

      а                                                                                        b

a – cab roof light ПК201-Д; b – installation of the ceiling in the cabin of the car Ural-4320-31; 1 – cab roof light ПК201-Д in the collection; the lamp A24-21-3

Figure 1 – Installation of cab roof light ПК201-Д

Device cab roof light are presented in figure 2. To replace a bulb it is necessary to unscrew the fastening screw 7 of the rim 6, to remove the filter 1 and to position the lamp 5 in the cartridge 4.


1 – filter; 2 – body; 3 – plate of fastening of a plafond; 4 – insert; 5 – bulb A24-21-3; 6 – rim of the protective bubble; 7 – the screw of fastening of a protective rim

Figure 2 – Plafond of illumination of a cabin

Hood lamp designed to illuminate the engine and the canopy tion of the equipment during maintenance and repair. On the car Ural-4320-31 ПД308Б underhood lamp is installed under the hood of the cab on his amplifier (the cross tube of rectangular section and deposits) in accordance with figure 3, and. The lamp submitted in accordance with figure 3, b. 



a – installation engine compartment lamp on the vehicle Ural-4320-31; b – mount the lamp hood; 1 – screw; 2 – nut; 3 – spring washer; 4 – bulb under-hood ПД308Б assembly; 5 – bulb A24-5

Figure 3 – Setting and fastening the lamp hood ПД308Б

The underhood lamp device provided in accordance with figure 4, and. The reflector lamp 4 is able to turn, changing direction of the emitted light beam. The switch 3 is mounted directly on the lamp housing.
When working in the engine compartment of the car, hoist the hood needs to be installed on the fuse (figure 4, b).

 a                                                                                                  b

a – device the under-hood lamp b – guard lifting mechanism of hood; 1 – bulb A24-5; 2 – housing with insert; 3 – switch; 4 – reflector; 5 – a lock plate of the fuse

Figure 4 – The device lights hood ПД308Б and fuse the lifting mechanism of hood

When working in the daytime on under-lit units or apparatus use a portable lamp. It also applies when the driver of any works on the car in the dark, if no other, more powerful sources of light. Portable lamp is a portable lamp with a lamp nakali-tion, secure the reflector in the form of a truncated cone and having a sufficiently long cord with plug. Portable lamp driver is connected to the electrical system of the car using the socket type 47К. Bulb included spare parts, tools and accessories of the car Ural-4320-31. Portable lamp is presented in figure 5.


1 – portable lamp assembly; 2 – plug; 3 – wire; 4 – switch; 5 – bulb A24-21-5; 6 – hook

Figure 5 – Portable lamp К102.3715


In a portable lamp 1 set bulb 5 of filament A24-42-3. Portable lamp 1 is connected to the vehicle electrical system through the electrical plug 2 which is connected to an outlet of the portable lamp 47К. To turn on and off connected to the vehicle electrical system portable lamp has a special switch 4. If the works were free both hands of the driver, the lamp 1 as required can be suspended from the hook 6. Socket portable lamp 47К site is demanded not only for connection of portable lamps, but is also used to connect the night vision device.

Socket type 47К is a two-pin connector designed to connect portable receivers DC voltage up to 36 V, embedded in a mobile means of land, water and air transport. Nominal operating current at one contact is 6.3 A. the Socket is installed on a special mounting plate in the cabin of the car Ural-4320-31 bottom left is slightly higher clutch pedal between the relay of indexes of turns РС951 and pollution indicator engine air filter. Installing and mounting sockets are presented according to ri-sunco 6. Plug a portable lamp is fixed in the socket with the fastener 2.

а                                                                                                        б


a – mounting portable lamp socket; 2 – a socket of a portable lamp; 3 –  fastening the portable lamp socket; 1 socket plug 47К; 2 – bracket; 3 – bolt; 4 – mounting plate

Figure 6 – Mounting and fastening the portable lamp socket 47К in the cabin of the car Ural-4320-31


Current paths in the circuit interior lights of the car Ural-4320-31 discussed in detail in publication [4].

The lighting system of the vehicle Ural-4320-31 authors published a number of articles [5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12]. The issues addressed in these publications can provide some assistance to those people who are studying the electrical equipment of automobiles.

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