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Senatorova Anna Sergeevna1, Zakharova Elena Anatol'evna2
1Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering NRNU MEPHI, 3rd year student on-campus social-economic faculty
2Obninsk Institute for Nuclear Power Engineering NRNU MEPHI, Senior lecturer, Department of Economics, economic-mathematical methods and computer AAMI)

This article focuses on the importance of information systems and the need for its protection. It tells us about the different tools and methods that help ensure information security in the segment where it is most needed, namely in the enterprise. The relevance of the article is caused by the increasing role of information in recent years, and as a consequence demand for its protection.

Keywords: data protection, information, information security, information system, program, protection, system, system security, tool

Article reference:
Information security in the enterprise // Modern technics and technologies. 2015. № 4 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://technology.snauka.ru/en/2015/04/6191

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