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Kontsevoi Andrey Leonidovich1, Kontsevoi Sergey Andreevich1, Bredikhin Ivan Viktorovich1
1National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, department of technology of inorganic substances and general chemical technology

Basic alternative mathematical models of methanol synthesis are based on assumptions about the reactions of methanol synthesis with the participation of both the carbon oxides CO and CO2 simultaneously or one of them. In this paper we use the kinetic model Rozovsky O.Y. and Lin G.I., which provides for the flow of two reactions: synthesis of methanol from carbon oxide (IV) and a steam conversion of carbon oxide (II). The kinetic model obtained in a laboratory reactor of ideal mixing processed into a plug flow reactor model that allows you to transfer it to the industrial columns, taking into account the internal diffusion region through the efficiency factor of the catalyst surface. An algorithm for calculating a methanol synthesis column under medium pressure proposed in this paper. The program for the calculation of the conversion degrees by CO2 and CO by solving a system of two differential equations by using the function MathCAD rkfixed, the composition of the synthesis products, contact time and the volume of catalyst in a wide range of initial concentrations developed. The adequacy of the model is confirmed by calculations of the literature and industrial data.

Keywords: algorithm, kinetic calculation, material balance, mathematical model, methanol synthesis, program

Article reference:
Kinetic calculation methanol synthesis column under medium pressure // Modern technics and technologies. 2016. № 10 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://technology.snauka.ru/en/2016/10/10646

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