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Khopunov Edward Afanasevich
Consulting and Analytical Centre "Russian Standard
Doctor of Technical Sciences

In the processes of ore preparation is still very relevant is the high power consumption problem in technologies of the disintegration of mineral and technogenic raw materials. Studies carried out on a variety of ores, confirmed that the operation of external forces only to a small extent is transformed into a newly formed surface by disintegration, i.e. proper disclosure in minerals. One of the potential of innovative ways to reduce energy consumption for disintegration are the wave of technology, which uses the effect of such a "rheological explosion." The paper discusses the results of studies of the effect of surfactants (acting as reducer of surface energy), the processes of destruction of a volume deformed samples of different ores. In contrast to the "rheological explosion", which initiated the destruction of shear deformation volume is stressful body, the evidence presented surfactants able to cause the formation of new surfaces due to internal elastic energy stored in a volume deformation. Studies carried out on samples of titanomagnetite, ferruginous quartzite, chromite and rare metal ores with different surfactants, confirmed the effect of spontaneous fracture at the time of surface-active substances in a body deformed material. Fractographic analysis of degradation products has shown that in all investigated samples of ore at a volume of deformation revealed preferred intercrystal- destruction, with a minimum number of splices, and the disclosure of ore minerals in their natural size.

Keywords: acoustic emission, disintegration ores, surfactants, the disclosure of minerals., volume deforming

Article reference:
The role of surfactants in destruction of the ores by volume deformation // Modern technics and technologies. 2016. № 10 [Electronic journal]. URL: https://technology.snauka.ru/en/2016/10/10722

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