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Articles in journal «Modern technics and technologies»

To a technique of performance of measurements at metrological examination

№ 3 March 2015

Articles in journal «Modern Scientific Researches and Innovations»

Pochuzhevskyy O.D. Promising method for determining the center of mass of heavy dump trucks

June, 2014

Samanchuk V.N. By the question of joint using of the measuring and calculated information in parameters estimation of physical fields

April, 2015

Zakrepin A.V., Kipriyanov F.A. Crankshaft quality assessment

March, 2017

Определение коэффициента трения сыпучих веществ и его влияние на сцепление покрытий

May, 2017

Articles in journal «Humanities Scientific Researches»

Kirichek K.A. Technique of acquaintance of preschool children with meters and centimeters

August, 2015