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Этапы развития инженерной техники для производства землеройных работ

№ 2 February 2017

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Velikanov V.S., Safin G.G., Abdrahmanov A.A. Model to assess the reliability of the process functioning of the system "operator-mountain machine"

December, 2014

Velikanov V.S., Ismagilov K.V., Savelev V.I., Gabitov I.A. Software implementation of the calculation of the resource handle of excavator

December, 2015

Abdrakhmanov A.A., Safin G.G. Coefficients affecting the efficiency of the operation and management career excavators

March, 2016

Velikanov V.S. Development of the hydraulic drive circuit with electric lifting mechanism cabin by means of ECG FluidSIM Hydravulics from package Festo Ditactic

December, 2016